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2018 Restoration Events in Terwilliger Parkway

2018 is off to a good start as we battle invasive species, particularly that darn ivy.

We’ve hosted 5 work parties, so far this year, with volunteers coming from all over the Portland metro area as well as from around the world!

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Board Member Introductions: Meet Anton Vetterlein

Say Hello to Friends of Terwilliger’s dedicated president Anton Vetterlein. Anton has contributed hundreds of volunteer hours to benefit Terwilliger Parkway and Portland’s natural landscapes. A graduate of University of Oregon’s architectural school, he has an eye for design and the tenacity needed to keep the city adhering to the Terwilliger Parkway design guidelines.

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RECENT Project

Friends of Terwilliger advocates for positive change
  • Multnomah County ACS
  • West Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District
  • Southwest Neighborhoods Watershed Resource
  • West Willammette Restoration Partnership
  • Portland Parks and Recreation
  • The Intertwine Alliance

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