Terwilliger Parkway North Gateway Sign Dedication July 20, 2012

Thank you for helping restore Terwilliger Parkway!

Join our Work Parties to help rid the parkway of unwanted and invasive plants. We meet the 2nd Saturday of every month. Our next Saturday Work Party is May 10, 2014. We provide the tools, snacks, and instruction to get the job done. You provide the muscles and desire to help one of Portland’s favorite parks! … [Learn More]

South Gateway Sign project

Preliminary planning and fundraising has begun for a matching Gateway Sign to be located at SW 7th Ave. and Terwilliger Parkway. FOT dedicated the North Gateway Sign in Duniway Park in July 2012 (see photo above). Please contact FOT to get involved in supporting this exciting new project. [Contact]

Fundraising and volunteering

Terwilliger Parkway needs your support. Hands-on participation and financial contributions enable FOT to promote, protect, and enhance the natural beauty of Portland’s jewel. Join us! [Contact] [Donate]

About the Parkway

Terwilliger Parkway is a linear park owned by the City of Portland that winds south from downtown along the west hills. It consists of the road itself and about 100 ft. of land on either side of the road. … [Learn more]

About FOT

Friends of Terwilliger (FOT) started informally about 30 years ago to oppose a proposed apartment complex adjacent to the Parkway. In time it became a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to protect the natural character and scenic beauty of the Terwilliger Parkway corridor. … [Learn more]

Terwilliger Parkway Centennial Festival Kids Run July 22, 2012