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History of the Terwilliger Parkway Totem Pole

What does the Totem Pole at Elk Point, within the Terwilliger Parkway, have in common with the 1959 Oregon’s Centennial Celebration, Operation Deep Freeze, New Zealand, Antarctica, The Oregon Zoo and John F. Kennedy?

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Partnership: Don’t Go It Alone

You’ve probably been hearing the term partnership more often lately. Especially here in Portland where collaborative spirit runs deep. Partnership is defined as an association of persons for business, companionship, or an alliance of persons for a common enterprise. Friends of Terwilliger (FOT) has been in existence over 30 years and find ourselves in the company of many like-minded and similarly focused organizations. Here’s the story of one of them.

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  • Multnomah County ACS
  • West Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District
  • Southwest Neighborhoods Watershed Resource
  • West Willammette Restoration Partnership
  • Portland Parks and Recreation
  • The Intertwine Alliance

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