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2020 FOT Strategic Imperatives

For our three 2020 Strategic Imperatives the FOT board voted to 1) continue with the National Historic Register nomination effort; 2) continue to work on view improvements; and 3) to seek funding to build a second gateway sign at the south end of Terwilliger Parkway just up from Barbur Blvd. Read on to hear about our 2019 and 2020 Strategic Imperatives…

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Safe ways to enjoy Terwilliger Parkway during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Throughout Portland, developed public parks and playgrounds are closed to limit the rate spread of Covid-19, but Terwilliger Parkway footpath and bike lanes are still open for use if we continue to practice social distancing. We can continue to walk, jog, or cycle in Terwilliger Parkway enjoying the nature and its splendid views as spring bursts forth, but let’s protect and look out for one another by practicing a few simple rules:

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